Cooper745Electric Motorboat

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The Cooper745E motorboat is the full electric version of the “regular” Cooper745.
Electric propulsion; something for you?
We believe it is, for almost the same price as a diesel version we offer 100% electric sailing. In the Cooper745E we use a complete Mastervolt installation with inverters, chargers etc

Specification of the Cooper745E

The range you can sail is 12 hours at 8 km per hour, and 6 hours at 12 km per hour. Fully charged in around 8 hours. Clean propulsion and most of all: silent. No more engine service, no more winterisation.
For the rest it is identical to the “regular” Cooper745 motorboat, all comfort incorporated.
The standard Cooper745 includes s a convertible sprayhood, which offers, when taken down, a flush front deck incorporating a twin size sunbed for lounging and sunbathing. This huge deck is also the favourite place for kids to stay.

When the hood is up, 6 adults have shelter against the wind or rain, and the helmsman can us the extra high cushion for an optimal view. Easily connected to the sprayhood is an extension tent to cover the whole boat.

The electric motorboat with a bit different interior

The Cooper745 is a very stable boat due to the weight and hull design. This makes her very comfortable when stepping in and during sailing. Cooper only works with the best materials in the market. The resin and gelcoat is a DSM product with a special Vinylester for the underwater ship so the hull has an ultimate protection against osmosis.
The adaptions that are made for the Cooper745 E are the lockers under the long benches. Normally stowage, now we have installed the two battery banks there. But as the electric engine is much smaller, we used the engine compartment for stowage. This is easy to reach and centrally positioned in the boat.
If you want more speed, quicker charging or wider range we can adapt the Cooper745E to you wishes.
The Cooper745E is delivered with a CE certification and two years full warranty.

Specifications cooper745E
Length overall 7.45 m
Waterline Length 7.35 m
Overall beam 2.50 m
Depth 0.45 m
Hull draft 0.45 m
Vertical clearance 1.05 m
Weight 1650 kg
Fresh water storagetank 40 l
Crew 12 persons
CE Certificate CE-C
Design Studio cooper
Engine 3.5 Kw Mastervolt
Energy Electrical
Voltage 48V
Cooling water Shaft only
Battery 4 + 4 [GM300Aah]
Propeller 14 Inch
Cruising speed 8 km/hr
Max Speed 12 km/hr
Loading power 230V
Loading device 48V | 50A

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